Scandinavian Wedding Photographer Loke Roos

Loved and respected by clients and industry professionals alike, Loke Roos is a growing force within the international wedding photography scene. His creative perspective allows him to capture the story of your wedding in a completely unique, comprehensive way. His connection to his work is obvious and endearing, as he operates inconspicuously to document everything he sees and feels. Scandinavian Wedding Photographer Loke Roos

There’s no polarizing direction or posing as he moves around seamlessly. This, in turn, creates imagery that is delicate, intimate, and soft. In the words of his past couples, Loke is just as much an incredible human as he is an incredible artist. It´s an adventure which I would love to experience together with you. For that to be possible we need to have a nice, warm communication from beginning to end. I love to capture the moments in between moments to reach for the essential story, the True story. Scandinavian Wedding Photographer Loke Roos


True Beautiful Natural For an image to outlast generations we cannot believe a digital form is what lasts. I recommend all my couples to print an album. To further the experience you get when hiring me I put time and effort in every detail from first email to delivery. Scandinavian Wedding Photographer Loke Roos

Married father of two, who probably should grow up soon.

Loke is a decision maker. a professional sweet talker, a driven entrepreneur, and a beyond talented musician. He leaves his wet towels and socks on the floor, and he seems to have problems with hearing… it is pretty selective. He loves ice cream and indian food, the color black, and he has recently added “sorry baby, you are definitely right” into his vocabulary. He is the guy that sticks up for me and encourages me, opens doors for me, and gives our kids lots and lots of piggy back rides. He even painted funny faces on my stomach when I was 9 months pregnant.

I love my wife and two sons and want to spend as much time with them as I can.

I´m available for Destination Weddings, Weddings, Elopements, Portraits, Bridal Glam Sessions in Scandinavia and worldwide.